Scanning on the Biz Hub Printers

Want to know ho to scan on the new Biz Hub photocopiers? This tutorial will show you how to scan either a single document or use the document feeder to scan more than one page.

Once you have scanned your document it will be emailed to your edumail account.

Don’t forget you can’t email a file larger than 5Mb. If you are scanning a number of pages you may be best to scan them in smaller groups or send them individually.



Scan your card.



Touch on ‘Scan/Fax’ option



Place your documnent in the document feeder or on the glass plate

L1003897 L1003900


Touch on ‘Email Me’ on the touch screen



Make sure the ‘Email Me’ option is now highlighted in yellow



Press the ‘Start’ button to begin your scan.




You can change options for your scans. The default gives good results. For more detail select a higher resolution. Remember if the file is too big it won’t email.



Remove your original from the photocopier



Remember to hit the ‘Access’ button to log out.




Wanganui Park Secondary College ICT Innovation Lead Teacher Teacher: Visual Communication, Art, Media, VCE. Professional photographer/filmmaker. Apple Distinguished Educator.

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